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Why Source Bars are an ideal choice.

We pledge freshness

Sourcewell Nutrition™ produces SOURCE BAR™ batches every few months to ensure you're consistently receiving fresh product. Our “fresh batch” policy assures the customer that absolutely no artificial preservatives have been added and every bite from every bar is fresh.

Grass-fed whey protein

Unlike the majority of popular protein bars available today, SOURCE BAR utilizes grass-fed whey protein from New Zealand as its primary protein source, rendering them creamier and softer, leaving a pleasant finish on the palate.

What is Grass-Fed? 

Until the 1940’s almost all cattle in the U.S. grazed on grass. This all changed as the demand for beef and dairy products increased leading to a desire to improve the efficiency of beef and dairy production. Many cows are now fed a grain-based diet and treated with added hormones to fatten them quickly so that they may be used for meat or dairy as quickly as possible, a strategy that may be profitable to producers but not ideal for the cow or the consumer.

    A little help from our friends

    Sourcewell Nutrition™ works with both large and small companies that sustain only the highest of industry standards. Sourcewell Nutrition™ is proud to support locally-owned, small rural farms that engage in fair-trade practices. This approach ensures we maintain the quality and freshness we and our customers demand.

    Never compromised

    Source Bars are manufactured in an FDA approved facility. The bars are produced by some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, ensuring that purity, freshness and quality are NEVER compromised. Also, by using high quality ingredients we are able to eliminate the addition of any anti-bittering agents, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils or corn syrup sweeteners, sometimes found in other protein bars.

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