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Our Mission

We wanted to create a bar that didn't cut corners, that held up to the natural claim. We've seen several businesses crumble under the weight of such a powerfully suggestive word- "natural." What does it mean to be void of genetically modified substances? To be free of ingredients that weigh us down and fail to contribute to our recovery and overall well being? We've created a line of Source bars that are completely and utterly "natural." These bars are made with ingredients that come straight from the earth and are easily identifiable on the packaging. We created a bar consumers can be proud of. They can rest easy knowing that what they put in their body is going to be beneficial to their overall fitness goals and not detrimental. 

Our natural bars were created to fuel your body with nutrients stripped of harmful additives or chemicals and loaded with ingredients aimed to help you recover, refuel and keep you satiated. These bars bring value to your life by giving you the nutrients your body craves.

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